Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dogs Brutally Executed by Sherrff's Office in Prince George's County (MD)

Please click here to go to a posting that concerns the recent tragic shooting of the two black Labrador retrievers by the (Maryland) Prince George's Country sheriff's deputies and please consider taking one or more of the actions indicated to stop this from happening again. Ironically, the shooting took place on the very day of the trial of the DC police officer, Arvette Parry, who was found not liable for shooting the beloved, gentle show dog Peach in her own yard in August 2005. The jury, screened of any dog lovers, wrongly concluded that a police officer can shoot any dog anywhere even if it is just sitting and barking at the officer eight feet away on its own property in the presence of the owner. (See the below still-evolving posting for the story of Peach and the trial.) This trial should be of particualr interest to all dog owners in D.C. because under the test set by District Court Judge Thomas J. Motley for the jury to use in the trial, the police officers in the recent Maryland killings would have done nothing wrong .